Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gody's visit

Gody stayed with us for a few days and took some really great pictures of the kids with his fancy camera.

We had fun taking Gody to the Museum of Science and Industry:

Cate's Baptism

Cate was baptized at Rockefeller Chapel on campus.  Both of her grandmothers were there for the lovely service.  She wore the same gown that we used for Jack and Ellis.  The boys were a little wild so we didn't get any pictures of the whole family.

Getting dressed at church:

With the grandmothers:

Ellis before the service:

In the pew:

End of year party

We took the kids to the end-of-year party at the Family Resource Center on campus.  The boys had a fabulous time in the big caterpillar bouncer.

Jack and Cate:

At the party:

Jack emerges from the caterpillar:

We did it!

The University of Chicago is beautiful in the summer!  I can't believe the colors in this picture.